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This is a beautiful multi-strand freshwater cultured pearl bracelet  easy to wear with a magnetic clasp. These pearls stand for elegance, sophistication, beauty and style. It is perfect for adding casual polish to everyday looks. A matching single strand necklace is available.  

  • NON - ALLERGIC - Our Material is a high quality component that does not cause reaction to your skin! 
  • GEM TYPE  : 7mm Cultured Freshwater Pearl
  • GEM COLOR:  white, peach and peacock blue pearls.
  • Size: Approx. length: 7.5"
  • Enclosed in an gift box, Perfect for a gift. See images for more details. 
  • Imported to USA.
  • Item #JPBR2F252
PERFECT GIFT IDEA: This gorgeous bracelet offers unbeatable value with its unique, design, durable, waterproof and Anti-allergic materials, it is a perfect gift for yourself or someone like a best friend, mom, sister, daughter.

    Caring/Cleaning Dos:

    • It is better to wear your pearls after applying makeup, perfume or hair spray. 
    • You should wipe your pearls after each wear with a soft damp cloth to remove any harmful build-ups. Occasional washing is also recommended. 
    • Clean your pearl with warm, soapy water. Afterwards, simply lay the pearls on a towel to dry. The wet string can stretch—and attract dirt, so don’t touch a string of pearls until they are completely dry. 
    • Also, pearls should always be stored in separation from hard jewelry item(s), such as metals and other gemstones, to prevent scratches. It is best to keep pearls in a soft cloth pouch or a separately lined jewelry box. 
    • Light cleaning with a soft, damp cloth after each wear is recommended.

    Caring/Cleaning Don'ts:

    • Never use commercial jewelry cleaners unless they are specifically made for pearls.
    • Never use ultrasonic, steam cleaners, detergents, baking soda, bleaches, or any ammonia-based cleansers.
    • Do not wear pearls necklaces when their string is wet. Wet strings stretch and attract dirt, which is hard to remove.
    • Do not use toothbrushes, scouring pads or abrasive materials to clean pearls. They can scratch the pearl's surface.
    • Pearls should not be stored in boxes, or where the air is dry or hot, neither be wrapped in cotton or wool.
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